Frantisek Halama

František Halama – Original Czech Art Glass – Jewel of Lasting Value and Beauty

In the middle of the glass-making region of Northern Bohemia, the picturesque town of Železný Brod, the fourth generation of Halama family continues the tradition of quality Czech art glass started by František Halama in 1932. As early as in 1936, he started to export his products to America, India and previous success on the domestic market led him to open his own shop in the center of Prague. A year later he marked an important success at the International exhibition of art and mechanics in Paris, winning the highest award of the French government. Regular orders made on demand of ministries of state, culture and sport served to strengthen the position of the prime Czech producer of highest quality glass products. However, the thanksgiving letter from the sultan of Morocco of January 1948 was the last success in the history of the original company of František Halama. The successful company was forced to stop production on February 27, 1948, when it was nationalized. All stock was taken, as well as production means, machines, half-produced items, but also buildings and land. Since then, František Halama was allowed to work only as a glass industry worker and the whole family lived a series of oppression in the second half of the 20th century. The František Halama mark, unlike some others, was banned from being used for many decades and the assortment was produced with ever-decreasing quality conditions. All these hard moments influenced badly the health of František Halama, who died in his 63 years. Although the original owner’s son František was not allowed by the system to study at higher levels of schools, he decided, after the fall of communism in 1989, together with his mother Olga, to submit a restitution (return) request concerning the original property. In the autumn 1994 František Halama jr. begins to revive original designs and production secrets acquired from his father, which give to each piece the exceptionality of origin. In 1996, the company exports its products to a number of European countries with United States becoming important market, too. Next years brought an increase of production and acquisition of first Sole Agents on world’s markets. The František Halama family company works in the spirit of the original philosophy – to produce Jewels of Lasting Value and Beauty.


Carefully chosen quality material, artistic elaboration of combination of original decoration techniques and thorough working ensure the high value of both our utility and decorative art glass. This is ensured by the good name of our renowned manufactory of Železný Brod.


Each piece is a result of hand-work becoming thus unique original.

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