Crystal Gifts and Figurines

There are only two major producers that know the secret of cutting diamond-like glass stones using computer-controlled machines. One is Swarovski in Austria, and the other is Preciosa in North Bohemia. The North Bohemian history of glass making can be traced back to the 14th century. Glass cutting developed in this region at the turn of the 18th century successfully imitating genuine gems.
       Preciosa glass stones are so clear and precision-cut that they flash the color spectrum when held up to the light. The most important is the chaton, which resembles a small diamond and is used in jewelry. For the same purpose Preciosa also makes multiple-faceted round beads and stones, which are generally rectangular or oval like the gems in rings. On the underside of these glass stones is a foil, i.e. a silver coating that adds brilliance to the stone's glitter.
       Preciosa's daughter company Preciosa Figurky Ltd. specializes in the production of a wide variety of figurines and other decorative objects cut from genuine Bohemian crystal. Any one of these cut crystal miniatures makes an extraordinary present for any occasion. The centuries-old glass making tradition and the craftsmanship of contemporary Preciosa's workers emanate from each facet of these cut crystal figurines. Each figurines of this Rainbow Crystal Collection carries the company logo and a certificate as a guarantee of authenticity. The traditional Bohemian crystal and the precise geometry of cut guarantee perfect brilliance of all products.
       So, welcome to the magic world of crystal imagination. Born in the heart of Europe - in the birthplace of a glass making tradition - Preciosa crystal figurines have always enchanted people by their delicate shapes and sparkling cut crystal beauty. May these crystal masterpieces by Preciosa bring you pleasure and happiness. 

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