CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE Company is a continuator of the quality glass manufacturing tradition in the Josefodol glassworks, which was established in 1861 by Viennese businessman Josef Schreiber within the Sázava river charming valley near Světlá town in the Bohemian and Moravian Highlands.

CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE Company was established in 1994. Its name is based on the last glasswork´s private owners, Caesar brothers, whose heritage present owners endorse.

CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE Company specializes in manufacturing colourful flashing crystal with a 24% PbO content, which is made by connecting the lay of clear crystal and the lay of colourful crystal with temperatures around 800 °C. This manufacturing process is on the top of handmade production´s possibilities and only the best and most skilful glassmakers are able to make it. Also the fact that no method allowing a machine production has been invented yet represents a proof of its manufacturing demandingness.

Products with the label CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE are rightfully placed under the category of luxury items. For their originality and high artistic value, they are much in demand worldwide.

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