The specialized Erpet Crystal glass shop is located in the heart of Europe, in the middle of Prague, directly opposite the famous Old Town Astronomical Clock.


Thanks to its location and the range of products offered, it occupies a special position among other glass shops and maintains high popularity not only among Czech customers, but - thanks to the development of tourism - especially among foreign visitors who find utility products as well as products just for beauty, joy and pleasure.


The assortment of individual departments of the store includes the highest quality Czech hand-cut lead crystal, pressed lead crystal, colored cut crystal, crystal chandeliers and lamps, luxury handmade glass, decorative enamelled glass, glass decorated with engravings, underlay glass, smooth undecorated table glass (goblets, cups, castings, bowls, vases), small glass and crystal decorative and gift items (eg animals, figurines, flowers, candlesticks, hand cut miniatures, etc.), Czech garnet jewelery, amber jewelery and Jablonec glass jewelery. Such an assortment allows customers and visitors to get a sufficient idea of ​​the top level of Czech glass production and the skills of Czech glassmakers. In addition, the store offers products from other world-famous brands.

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