The Erpet Bohemia Crystal specialized glass store is situated right in the heart of Europe, at the center of the capital city of Prague just opposite the famous Old Town Astronomical Clock. Thanks to its position and the great breadth of the offered assortment, this glass store has occupied a special position among other glass shops and is maintaining its great popularity not only among Czech purchasers but - thanks to the growth of tourism - mainly among foreign visitors. Here purchasers can find products for useful purposes as well as just for pleasure.


The Erpet Bohemia Crystal is keeping good contacts and relationships with main, major and renowned producers of famous Bohemian glass, crystal and of Bohemian garnet stone jewelry. There are also minor specialized manufacturers and handmakers in the Czech Republic who are supplying their goods to the Erpet Bohemia Crystal as well. Thus, the glass store is taking full advantage of the abilities of the most skilled master glassmakers to the satisfaction of customers.

An assortment in individual departments of the store includes the top quality Bohemian hand cut lead crystal, pressed lead crystal, color cut crystal, range of crystal chandeliers and lamps, decorative enamel glass, engraved glass, underlaid glass, plain glass tableware (goblets, tumblers, bowls, vases), small glass and crystal decorative and gift articles (e.g. animals, figurines, flowers, candlesticks, hand cut miniatures etc.), Bohemian garnet stone jewelry, amber jewelry and glass fashion bijoux. This assortment allows customers and visitors to form a good idea of the top level of glass manufacturing in Bohemia and of craftsmanship of Czech glass blowers. In addition, the offered line of goods includes another world-known branded products.

The friendly environment of the store is complemented by a collection of antique furniture, by top quality copies of pictures of old masters and by a sales exhibition of modern artistic glass.

Customers may make use of other services or just have a rest in comfortable sofas with a free of charge cup of coffee, tea or a glass of soft drink.

We are looking forward to your visit...